Version 1.25.2

30 Nov 2021

Fixes :

  • Fix: Block condition – Conflicting with plugin using REST API block preview.

Version 1.25.1

24 Nov 2021

Fixes :

  • Fix: Block condition – Conflicting with WP Recipe Maker and Gravity Forms plugins.
  • Fix: Call to undefined function twentyseventeen_panel_count() when previewing another theme from the customizer.
  • Fix: Marketing Button – Validation issue when Title Tag set to p.
  • Fix: Table of contents – Removed empty li tags from Table of contents markup.

Version 1.25.0

12 Oct 2021


  • Introduced Wireframe Blocks.

Version 1.24.2

4 Aug 2021


  • Fix: Blockquote – Multiple blockquote post the same content after clicking on a tweet button.
  • Fix: Table of contents – Hyperlink was not working on Safari and Firefox browsers.
  • Fix: Styling was not applying on the preview page.
  • Fix: Conflict with Astra theme customizer.

Version 1.24.1

27 Jul 2021


  • Fix: Table of contents – Uncaught TypeError with the load function.
  • Fix: Tabs – Responsive icons were not clickable in the editor.
  • Fix: Updated the CSS priority, to resolve the UAG blocks style issue with custom layout.

Version 1.24.0

20 Jul 2021


  • New: Introduced Star Rating block.
  • New: Added Masonry option to core Gallery block.


  • Improvement: Table of Contents – Added scroll to specific anchor tag feature.


  • Fix: Table of Contents – Headings were not displaying correctly when multiple blocks were used on the same page.
  • Fix: Asset generation conflicts with WooCommerce pages.

Version 1.23.5

15 Jul 2021


  • Improvement: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.8.


  • Fix: Assets generation issue on frontend when Twenty Twenty-one theme was active.
  • Fix: Assets were not regenerated on the frontend when the post containing reusable blocks is updated.
  • Fix: Post Grid: The block shifts to the left on the frontend when the Twenty Twenty-One theme was active.
  • Fix: WooCommerce shop page styling was not working on the frontend when a page is saved from the editor.

Version 1.23.4

22 Jun 2021


  • Fix: Advanced column – Shape Divider issue when using with the Astra Custom Layout.
  • Fix: Assets Generation on Archive Pages not working for all Posts on the frontend.
  • Fix: Core button Block alignment is not working in advanced column block.
  • Fix: Twenty Seventeen Compatibility – Uncaught error on pages.

Version 1.23.3

11 Jun 2021


  • Fix: Table of Contents – UTF-8 encoding on the frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Fatal error when $doc->documentElement is null in some cases on frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Scroll to Top icon not visible on frontend.
  • Fix: Posts – “B7″ displayed in place of the” . ” icon on the frontend when file generation is disabled.

Version 1.23.2

10 Jun 2021


  • Fix: Table of Contents: Headings with HTML tags are not visible on the frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Question marks are rendered in place of UTF-8 characters for few languages in Heading.
  • Fix: Section – Full-Width option not being applied on the front-end according to theme content width.
  • Fix: Post Layouts – Showing post content instead of post except on the front-end.