Easily Add WordPress Search Anywhere on the Page

Ultimate Addons offers a flexible WP – Search block that helps to add a search field on a page

Help Users Find Things Quickly

Search bars deliver a great user experience by serving users the information they are looking for. Hence adding a great benefit to your website.

The WP – Search block allows displaying the WordPress search field on your page. You can put it at a required location and make things easy for users.

WP Search
WP Search

Clean & Attractive Input Field

The block offers inbuilt layouts for the input field. You can take full control of how your input field should look. You can manage its width as per the page design.

You can choose a layout, add a custom placeholder, manage the spacing inside and around the field, set a border, box-shadow to make it attractive for users.

Set Beautiful Search Button

Get a totally customizable search button beside the input filed. You can put a custom icon or text to highlight it.

Color up the button to match the website design theme.

WP Search
WP Search

Decorate Search Bar with Customizations

Manage color, typography, and spacing for each part of the search field. Set a nice border and shadow to give a nice look. 

Present a smooth search experience for users

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