Build Advanced Sites with Dynamic Sources

List taxonomies anywhere on the website easily with Ultimate Addons’ block and style it. 

Looking for an easy way to build advanced sites, even if you aren’t a developer?

It’s now possible!

Thanks to Dynamic Sources, a UAG integration with Toolset, which allows you to populate your site designs with existing content on your site.

What can you build?

Build and design templates, dynamic lists of posts, and customizable searches.

Quick, Beautiful Archive Pages and Content Templates

Use Dynamic Sources to create lists, content templates, and archives that automatically adapt as you create, change, or delete content.

Dynamic Lists

Build queries that search your content and display what you want in a custom, block-based output. You can choose from Core blocks, UAG Blocks, or Toolset’s Blocks to design how your output displays.

Because the output content is dynamic, what appears in the list changes automatically as you add or edit content.

Powerful Searches and Filters

Design your search results using Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Blocks, and let Dynamic Sources populate the output. Add extra functionality to your site with pagination, sorting, and filtering options.

How does it work?

To use Dynamic Sources, you need to install Toolset Blocks and Toolset Types (both are part of Toolset’s suite of plugins). Then, simply choose your UAG block, turn on Dynamic Sources, and pick which fields to display. You can use a variety of sources including standard or custom fields and taxonomies.


A Powerful Partnership

Dynamic Sources works with several Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg blocks, giving you flexibility and variety with your designs.

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